Virtuel workshop for L’Oreal i deres Professionel Product Division

En af vores første store opgaver virtuelt under Covid-19 var i samarbejde med L’Oreal. Det overordnede tema var ’den daglige kommunikation’ med fokus på en for hård og barsk tone mellem medarbejderne. Vi havde teamet op med Creative Content Agency på teknikken, der fungerede perfekt. Efter workshoppen stillede vi dem nogle spørgsmål om deres oplevelse ved at arbejde sammen med Dacapo i et virtuelt setup.

What did your participants get out of Dacapo’s workshop – was it relevant for the participants?
For us it was especially important that our employees were able to identify themselves with the acted situations but did not feel that we were picking on anybody and Dacapo has been able to succeed in both. Our employees mentioned especially that it helped them to reflect on certain situations from different angles (both from the colleague and manager perspectives). Also, the possibility to give suggestions on adjustments to the acted situations has helped our employees to be prepared for similar work situations that might occur.

What is good about using interactive theatre methods?
Our employees mentioned in particular that interactive theatre methods are a great method to talk openly about tricky situations and bring it “to the table”. Dacapo created a safe environment to discuss delicate situations. Especially the possibility to also comment on the “wrong” behavior of the manager roles created a holistic view on the acted situations.

Do you think it worked well virtually?
We are completely convinced that the virtual set up did not derogate the outcome! Our employees have been very active despite the lack of proximity. If we were to hold another session virtually, we would have liked to include a virtual ice-breaker or more concrete questions to get our employees going in the beginning.
Also the switching camera angles made it really real!

What did you hear the participants say about the workshop afterwards?
As we have introduced the workshop as part of our yearly Ethics Day, our employees were very happy about the new way of covering and working on ethical topics. Especially as we included all of our different teams, the workshop created a great dynamic, which our employees are still talking about. They already look forward to the next session ????

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